Deadly Grounds will be making our 7th trip to Hell in September – always the 3rd Saturday in September. We’ve always been happy to say we’ve to Hell and back but it’s more than just a show. It always feels like we’re visiting old friends in one of the most unique places on earth. If you’re a Halloween fan – this is the place for you. You’ll never have a better pre-Halloween party anywhere and all in the presence of the most die hard horror fans you’ll ever meet. Deadly Grounds is a proud member of the “Just Hearse’n Around” Hearse Club in Hell, Michigan and make the trip out every year in our own Deadly Grounds Coffee Hearse. This year will be even more special as it will be our first with the future “Mrs” Deadly coming for the long ride there. She really doesnt know what she is in for….  See you then!

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