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Butch Patrick’s Dragula Dark Roast

Butch Patrick is known the world over for his role in one of televisions most memorable show of the 1960s – The Munsters as Eddie Munster. When we Deadly Grounded him at a horror conventions he became such a big fan of our coffee that he hand selected one of the roasts to make his own. With most of the conventions on hold Butch made available a limited supply of his Dragula Dark Roast – named after one of the cool cars from the TV show – personally autographed for our Deadly Grounds Coffee fans. Its a delicious roast, the lightest of our darks that is silky smooth with a sweet finish. Perfect for any time of day and great for the coffee and Butch fans on your shopping list. This is only available while our limited supply lasts.

Highland Zombie Grog **NEW**

Our Highland Zombie Grog is Deadly Grounds version of full bodied coffee with a buttery, spicy blend of flavors that will keep you warm and toasty. The undercurrent of aged scotch whiskey set against our delicious coffee will make this coffee more than just a celebratory after dinner coffee drink. You’ll be breaking this out nightly by the fire… made exclusively by our staff of Scottish Zombies which is celebrated on our Highland Zombie Grog coffee bags. You’ll love this seasonal roast. No alcohol content. Artwork by Fright Night Sketches.

Day of the Dead Roast **NEW**

One of our most delicious and newest seasonal roasts! The Day of the Dead (el Día de los Muertos), is a Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink and celebration. This roast embodies that celebration with an undercurrent of traditional Mexican liqueur which itself is coffee flavored with notes of sugar, vanilla, and rum.  No alcohol content.

Roasted Xmas Cinnamon Roast

He sees you when your sleeping…. so stay awake for goodness sake. One of our finest coffees infused with aromatic cinnamon featuring our Zombie Santa! Sure, it’ll make for great stocking stuffer and far more memorable but once you get a taste of this roast you may want to keep one for yourself. This roast continues to be popular beyond the holidays so we kept it in the line up. Its the gift that keeps on giving no matter the time of year.

Caramel Apple Spice Roast

Our Caramel Apple Spice is a perfect roast for the fall but this deliciousness is never out of season. Requested by some of our die hard fans, our latest roast is sure to become a Deadly favorite. Our limited first batch will be ready to ship on November 22, 2019. First come first serve. Come and get it! 

Toasted S’Mores  **NEW**

Deadly Grounds Toasted S’Mores Roast is the perfect roast to sip by the fire or just about anywhere. Its a 4 season roast that will surely please every Deadly Grounder… and even fans of other coffee. Its okay to switch. We wont say a word. OUT OF STOCK.

House Blend

Our own Breakfast Blend. Rich, Silky Smooth, Flavorful Light
Roast. For those that want a robust cup of coffee but prefer a
lighter roast Coffee. Intoxicating aroma. A DG Fan favorite!

Death by Chocolate

Medium roasted coffee with a rich decadent undercurrent of deliciously rich chocolate. It’s a combination that is highly addictive. The aroma will beckon you to have more… if not, check your pulse.

Witch’s Brew

Velvety smooth combination of chocolate undertones with the sweetness of fresh raspberries. Drink it black for more tartness or use creamer to smooth it over a little. Just one sip and you’ll be under it’s spell.  TEMP. OUT OF STOCK


Devil’s Night Roast

Our Devil’s Night roast is unique to Deadly Grounds… it’s our blend of Death by Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice. You get the decadence of the chocolate with the fall pumpkin sweetness infused in our coffee. It’s a great blend whether your kicking back or egging passing cars (of course we do not condone that kind of thing). 

Black Walnut Roast **NEW**

Bold & distinct. Black Walnut infused coffee is unique roast delivering rich taste and texture the perfect balance between creamy and even nuttier than normal tones. Perfect for the autumn season but only around for a short while. This roast is replacing our Maple Walnut roast for the season.

Caramel Hazelnut Roast

A combination of two of our favorite flavors. The Caramel & Hazelnut are evenly balance and deliver an undertone flavor to the coffee. The right touch of sweet undertones to your morning joe.

Caramel Toffee Roast

Coffee & Caramel Toffee with flavor to die for. Sweet but deep undercurrent flavor. The perfect blend between rich coffee and caramel notes. As with all of our flavored coffees, you’ll find the flavor itself does not overpower the coffee and allows the coffee flavor to come through. Highly Addictive.

Wicked Amaretto Roast

One of our newest flavors that seriously delivers! This one is beyond addictive. Sip at your own risk. Available all year long but be warned… it sells out faster than we can make it.

Chocolate Cherry Roast

This combination roast is best described if your chocolate covered cherries had a child with your coffee.

Blueberry Creme Roast

Creamy Blueberry Ecstasy in your coffee cup… Usually a summer favorite we’ll make it all year long because we roll like that. OUT OF STOCK

Dark Mountain Roast

Our decedent dark Vienna Roast. Deep, rich flavor with melt in your mouth sweet undertones. Served at the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival in Nederland, CO. Delicious hot. Refreshing over ice.

Toasted Pecan Roast

The Deadly Grounds version of Southern Pecan with a slight touch of toasted nutty hints. Perfect for that first fall morning chill… or as the day softens to early evening…. Oh Hell… anytime.

Vanilla Almond Roast

A bright nutty flavor combination that delivers a deliciously rich flavored infused coffee.

Chocolate Almond Roast

The decadence of Death by Chocolate combined with a bright slightly sweet almond infused flavor.

Cinnamon Roast

A bright roast with an undercurrent of cinnamon perfectly balanced between coffee and spice. Great morning wake up or for a dessert coffee.

Curse of the Blarney

Our Decadent Irish Crème is not only a St. Patrick’s Day Favorite it’s the go to roast for every twisted or possessed leprechaun that had no where to go after last call. We’re all Irish when you’re sipping the Deadly Ground’s Curse of the Blarney.

Hell’s Fury

Hell’s Fury is an ultra Dark Blend Coffee so decadent that it could only have been concieved in Hell. It holds the distinction of being the “Official Coffee of Hell”. Its the BOLDEST coffee we make. Available online or if you happen to be passing through Hell, Michigan. Can you face the Fury?

Midnight Joe

Swiss Water Filtered Decaf Medium
Roast for those that dont want any of the caffeine but want all of the flavor. We’ll change the way you feel about decaf.

Pumpkin Spice

The Worlds most incredible Pumpkin Spice is being made right now. It’s time for a serious Pumpkin Spice Coffee. As with all of DGC flavor infused coffees, you’ll find the flavor itself does not overpower the coffee and allows the coffee flavor to comes through.  This is the Pumpkin Spice that all others wish they could be!

Sinful Delight

Seasons Exclusive: Deadly Ground’s Sinful Delight offers a seductive blend of chocolate & cinnamon flavored gourmet coffee. Our official Valentine’s Day blend but great on any winters day.

Italian Roast

A Favorite of dark roast coffee fans – Italian roast is a little sweeter and less acidic. Bold, Flavorful & Full Bodied. No bitter aftertaste. Also makes a great cup of espresso.

Dark & Deadly Roast

Our signature dark roast, A Bold Dark Roast Blend that is rich, powerful, and delicious. Dark roast coffee fans will enjoy the abundant flavor with no bitter aftertaste. A combination of beans from three regions makes this dark offering unique, delicious, and unforgettable. Bold, yet still smooth on the palette allowing you to taste the subtle notes within.

French Roast

Dark Roast Fans – it just doesnt get any better than this. DGC French Roast is a rich and  intense dark roast. Bold, Flavorful & Full Bodied with a hint of smoke.

Colombian Supreme

Made from the highest grade of Colombian beans grown just above the Equator. Limited Supply. Good acidity. Full flavored. Premium Roast . FRESH GROUND OUT OF STOCK