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Hell Hound Roast by Tyler Green

Tyler Green is a special effects make up artist that lives and breathes creativity and coffee. So when we got together we knew we needed to make a roast that is worthy of his talents. Tyler selected the beans for his roast himself making it a true Tyler Green creation. Bold. Smooth. Overflowing with flavor.

House Blend

Our own Breakfast Blend. Rich, Silky Smooth, Flavorful Light
Roast. For those that want a robust cup of coffee but prefer a
lighter roast Coffee. Intoxicating aroma. A DG Fan favorite!

Dark Mountain Roast

Our decedent dark Vienna Roast. Deep, rich flavor with melt in your mouth sweet undertones. Served at the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival in Nederland, CO. Delicious hot. Refreshing over ice.

Hell’s Fury

Hell’s Fury is an ultra Dark Blend Coffee so decadent that it could only have been conceieved in Hell. It holds the distinction of being the “Official Coffee of Hell”. Its the BOLDEST coffee we make. Available online or if you happen to be passing through Hell, Michigan.

Midnight Joe

Swiss Water Filtered Decaf Medium
Roast for those that dont want any of the caffeine but want all of the flavor. We’ll change the way you feel about decaf.

Pumpkin Spice

It’s time for a serious Pumpkin Spice Coffee. As with all of DGC flavored coffees, -you’ll find the flavor itself does not overpower the coffee and allows the coffee flavor to comes through. French Vanilla, Hazelnut & Death by Chocolate also available.

Sinful Delight

Seasons Exclusive: Deadly Ground’s Sinful Delight offers a seductive blend of chocolate & cinnamon flavored gourmet coffee. Our official Valentine’s Day blend but great on any winters day.

Italian Roast

A Favorite of dark roast coffee fans – Italian roast is a little sweeter and less acidic. Bold, Flavorful & Full Bodied. No bitter aftertaste. Also makes a great cup of espresso.

Dark & Deadly Roast

Our signature dark roast, A Bold Dark Roast Blend that is rich, powerful, and delicious. Dark roast coffee fans will enjoy the abundant flavor with no bitter aftertaste.

French Roast

Ultra Dark Roast Fans – it just doesnt get any better than this. DGC French Roast is the deepest and most intense dark roast we offer. Bold, Flavorful & Full Bodied with a hint of smoke.

Colombian Supreme

Made from the highest grade of Colombian beans grown just above the Equator. Limited Supply. Good acidity. Full flavored. Premium Roast .