Deadly Ground’s Blueberry Creme

Sometimes you discover a true gem where you least expect it. Deadly Ground’s Blueberry Crème is just that. One doesn’t often think of blueberry and coffee going together but this blend works amazingly well and may very well remain more than just a seasonal offering.

Much like the rest of the DG flavored coffees – the blueberry flavor does not overwhelm the coffee but adds a nice hint of flavor to this medium roast. Great for those who still want to have to have coffee in their coffee. One thing that you will NOT find in any Deadly Grounds’ flavored coffee is any synthetic taste. It’s the closest you’ll come to blueberries & crème without hitting the produce aisle.

Although Blueberry season may be a couple of months away – DG’s Blueberry Crème is a refreshing way to start the spring season! Try it. You’ll love it!



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