Horror Sideshow Market • Allentown, PA

Bringing out our Deadly Grounds Road Show just one last time this year. After we did the last Horror Side Show in Atlantic City, NJ we were asked if we would like to attend one last one in Allentown, PA in November… How could we say no? With Ari Lehman, Father Evil, and Linnea Quigley in attendance its a hard thing to pass up. So we’re loading up all the good stuff and coming back out. Check out their page: www.horrorsideshowmarket.com

Since we sell out quickly of your favorite roasts h us up early or if you want to ensure you get what you want send us a note at DeadlyGroundsCoffee@gmail.com and let us know what you want and you can prepurchase and we’ll bring it with us with your name on it. We hate to see anyone leave without their favorite Deadly.

See you November 7th in Allentown!

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