After what happened last year in Hell… This years Hearsefest is in a new location in Michigan. We’ll be once again joining our friends from Hell but we’ve outgrown all that space in Hell so we’ve got a place bigger & better. We’ll be at the Fowlerville Fairgrounds and with a ton more space than ever before, off street parking, craft & food vendors including the best coffee that will be powering the day long event. Michigan has become our home away from home and our friends there are our family. We are truly looking forward to seeing everyone again and this show will be even more special to us…  it will be the first time we’ll have someone special along. After so many years of solo coffee… we found the perfect second cup… the future Mrs Deadly will be there for her first time (and certainly not her last) at Hearsefest.  Nancy, has heard about the incredibly friendly folks in Michigan and we have the pics to prove it!  We figured if she can make it through this event, she will be a true Deadly and can handle anything the coffee world can throw at her. Hearsefest is an event put on by our hearse club – Just Hearse’n Around. We’re proud to be members since 2011 and you’ll not find a cooler bunch of folks anywhere in the country. Join us and lets blow the roof off this place.

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