14th Annual Hell’s Hearsefest • Hell, Michigan

Deadly Grounds Coffee treks back to Hell, Michigan to reunite with our Hellion family for Hell’s Hearsefest. Always the 3rd Saturday in September. In 2011 Deadly Grounds Coffee became the “Official” Coffee of Hell and we’ve been happy to be able to keep the caffeine flowing to our special friends there. 2015 will be our 5 consecutive trek to Hell and we can’t wait to get out there again. Our Coffee Hearse joins a field of hearse all privately owned by some of the most talented enthusiasts in the country. We’re thrilled to also be part of the Just Hearse’N Around Hearse Club – the only one in Hell. Hearses, lunch grilled on a customize casket, creepy music, and very unique vendors. If you have never been think about coming out  – this is THE best kickoff to the Halloween season party on the planet. Come out and visit  while we’re there on Saturday, September 19th, 2015. The Gates of Hell is at 4025 Patterson Lake Road, Hell, Michigan. We’ll see you in Hell!!!

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