Deadly Grounds at Howl & Prowl in Greenwich

The Deadly Grounds Coffee Hearse will be at Howl & Prowl in Greenwich! More info to follow.

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Deadly Grounds Treks to Hell Again!

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we trekked to Hell, Michigan and became the Official Coffee of Hell, helped set the Worlds Record for Longest Hearse Procession, and properly caffeinated everyone. We’re heading back this September to see all of our friends out there again & re-caffeinate Hell. Our worlds record […]

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Deadly Grounds at The Dock Shop Nautical Boutique’s Grand Opening in Darien

Join Deadly Grounds Coffee celebrate The Dock Shop Nautical Boutique’s Grand Opening of their Darien, CT store. In addition to offering great nautical themed items – most made in the USA & New England – they’re also the first shop to sell Deadly Grounds Coffee so we feel their pretty special! Come by and shop […]

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Deadly Grounds’ Coffee Hearse returns to the Bridgeport Bazaar & General Market on Saturday, May 12th

Deadly Grounds Coffee returns to the the Bridgeport Bazaar & General Market on Saturday, May 12th. Come bring mom by for Mother’s Day and take her picture with our Coffee Hearse! We’ll be serving up hot cups of Deadly Grounds House Blend and Dark & Deadly and we’ll have lots of fresh roasted Deadly Grounds […]

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The Morning After…

If you’re like (almost) the rest of us you woke up this morning after not winning the mega million lottery prize of $640 million.  Im sure we all had a list of what we could have with that money. Homes, cars, travel, or just live without the pressures and hassles of daily life.  I think […]

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Deadly Ground’s Blueberry Creme

Sometimes you discover a true gem where you least expect it. Deadly Ground’s Blueberry Crème is just that. One doesn’t often think of blueberry and coffee going together but this blend works amazingly well and may very well remain more than just a seasonal offering. Much like the rest of the DG flavored coffees – […]

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Sinful Delight

We released another flavored coffee for Valentine’s Day – Sinful Delight,  a subtle combination of chocolate & cinnamon.  It went over so well that we roasted another batch for all those that caught wind of it too late for Valentine’s Day.  It would be nice to share this treat with the special person in your […]

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Deadly Grounds’ Death by Chocolate

A new Deadly Grounds Coffee is born – Death by Chocolate!  Insanely delicious chocolate  flavored gourmet coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. JUST ROASTED and ready to start a cold winters day! Don’t like flavored coffee? Death by Chocolate will change your mind… The smooth chocolate flavor enhances the coffee but doesn’t overpower it. As […]

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Happy Friday the 13th!

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